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National Tsing Hua University Measures for Emergency Student Aid

Adopted by the Administration Council on January 14, 1992
Revised on October 8, 1996
Revised on March 19, 2003
Revised on March 24, 2005

Article 1 Purpose

To bring together the resources of the University and society to provide timely and appropriate aid to students currently enrolled in the National Tsing Hua University (hereinafter “the University”) in emergency situations in order to help students with economic difficulties encountered during their studies and enable them to complete their studies.

Article 2 Recipients of Aid

Any student enrolled in the University may apply for emergency assistance in case of one of the situations listed below:

  1. The student is seeking medical treatment due to sickness or injury and is unable to afford the medical expenses.
  2. There is a major change in the student’s family situation causing economic difficulties which seriously affect the student’s studies. 3. Other incidents that require emergency aid.

Article 3 Sources of Aid

  1. University income approved by the University for funding of student aid.
  2. Donations from the University, alumni, and the community.
  3. Monies returned by students in receipt of funding.
  4. Other.

Article 4 Management of Funds

  1. The Management Committee for National Tsing Hua University Emergency Aid Funds (hereinafter “the Committee”) is composed of faculty, students, and administrative representatives recommended by each college, and is responsible for reviewing the use of grants.

  2. The University’s administrative units are responsible for duties such as completing supporting documents, accounting, cashier work, and holding related meetings.

Article 5 Management Committee

  1. The Committee is the highest authority for the administration of grants
  2. The Committee shall consist of one faculty member, one undergraduate student and one graduate student recommended by each college of the University, as well as the Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of General Affairs, and Director of the Division of Student Life Guidance. Committee members shall serve for a term of one year and may be re-elected.
  3. The Dean of Student Affairs shall serve as the Chair of the Committee.
  4. The Director of the Division of Student Life Guidance shall serve as the Executive Secretary of the Committee.
  5. The powers of the Committee are as follows:
    (1) Review applications and payment of grants according to the support criteria.
    (2) Handle proposals from Committee members.
    (3) Supervise the use of funds and the implementation of processes.
    (4) Establish or revise relevant regulations.
    (5) Raise funds for grants.
  6. The Committee shall meet at least once each academic year, and if necessary, the Chair may decide to hold an extraordinary meeting.

Article 6

Detailed rules for the implementation of these measures shall be established separately.

Article 7 Acknowledgement of Donors

Groups or individuals who donate to the fund may be commended by the Committee.

Article 8

These Measures are adopted by the Student Affairs Committee and take effect following approval by the University President; revisions shall be handled in the same manner.

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