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Precautions for Avoiding Typhoon Disasters

  1. Students are requested to pay attention to the typhoon warning announcement of the Meteorological Bureau at any time, check the Hsinchu City government/school website for information about school suspension of work or class suspension, and make plans to avoid typhoon disasters.
  2. During the typhoon, avoid going out for outdoor activities in the mountains or areas around the sea and waters. It is recommended to change the location of the activity or postpone the activity. The on-campus and out-of-campus camp activities that have been processed need to be prepared for typhoon contingencies, and relevant evaluations should be considered in case of heavy rain during the activity (such as timely cessation of camp activities, keeping in close contact with parents of classmates, etc.).
  3. Students who are hiking and camping in the countryside should return home as soon as possible, and contact the NTHU and family members by phone and inform them of the itinerary and route of the activity. In case of emergency, please dial 119 or 112 for emergency assistance.
  4. For students living on-campus or off-campus, please reserve an appropriate amount of drinking water, dry food, instant noodles and other spare food. When the typhoon arrives, avoid outdoor activities or unnecessary travel, and keep in touch with your parents at any time. In case of emergency, please call 119 or call the NTHU’s emergency rescue line (03-5711814) for assistance.
  5. During the typhoon, if students find that there are related disasters on campus or may cause disasters, please call the NTHU Safety Center (03-5711814, campus extension 66666) or the NTHU police force (03-5714769, campus extension 33333).

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